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Romania enters the pilot project that develops digital skills for young unemployed people

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Though unseparated from their mobile phones, teenagers graduate without important skills to help them in a digitized economy

SIVECO Romania is part of a consortium of four companies developing the Compass project, an interactive, accessible and free eLearning platform for strengthening young people's digital skills in order to employ those who are unemployed or with high unemployment potential.

The two-year pilot project Compass is a pan European platform for digital competences development, with practical learning content developed within the DigComp European Framework. Compass was designed to reduce the gap between employers' needs and the insufficient digital skills of young Europeans, to increase their employability and to help them develop a clear career path.

"The lessons focus on learning based on real-life situations, so that the user develops digital skills that can be used immediately. The content has been structured on basic and advanced levels. If the user wants to go through an initial assessment, we offer him the lessons to fill in the digital skills that are lacking in order to take up a particular job. The user can choose any of the lessons available on the platform if he does not want to make the assessment", explains Marius Preda, project coordinator from SIVECO Romania.

The project is being developed by a consortium of four companies: EXPERTISE FRANCE, Dara Design & Print LTD T/A Dara Creative from Ireland, SIVECO Romania, Lai-momo Società Cooperativa from Italy and is co-funded by the European Commission.

The platform can be accessed free of charge at


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