Development of Web Portal Solutions | SIVECO Romania

Development of Web Portal Solutions

Transparency and communication through Web Portal Software Solutions

The portal solutions developed by SIVECO Romania are based on cutting-edge technologies and on customised software. The portal connects users to information, encouraging efficiency and transparency, communication, collaboration and the creation of communities.

SIVECO Portal is a customised web platform, offering:

1. The possibility of creating portals and presentation websites, ranging from simple to very complex:

  • portals for the large audience (public portals) or internal portals (intranet)
  • portals for a specific area (tourism, agriculture, sports)
  • government portals
  • portals for companies
  • regional portals
  • academic portals
  • personal portals

2. Content customization according to the portal user's role and the customer's requirements

3. Easy content management through the integrated Content Management System (CMS)

4. Online payments: bookings, shopping

5. Collaboration tools for small to very large communities

6. Specific tools for increasing visibility and productivity

7. Advanced search options

General description of the Portal Solution

  • Mature design
  • Using standards in all the implementation phases
  • Modular architecture
  • Flexible deployment
  • Focus on ease in operation and positive user experience
  • Single sign-on and access to all services, based on access rights

Facilities offered by SIVECO Portal

1. Accessibility through localization using the standard Internet browser:

  • capability to work with different types of browsers
  • graphical user interface based on customised themes
  • multilanguage presentation

2. Accessible on a wide range of devices:

  • computer
  • info-kiosk
  • tablets and smart-phones

3. Business-to-Business:

  • eCommerce
  • Web services clients and server

4. Flexible content management through using the graphic interface:

  • content management does not require any programming skills
  • intuitive administration interface
  • guarded by fine grained security rules

5. Simple and fast access to information:

  • hierarchical menus on multiple levels
  • customised or automatically generated content
  • RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed
  • simple and advanced search
  • statistic reports and integration with Google Analytics

Benefits for users

  • Quick and friendly access to the desired information
  • Powerful features for fast searches in large data archives
  • Simple and direct interaction in a web based interactive collaboration environment
  • Modern collaboration methods and information sharing: document sharing, messaging
  • Getting close to people and being part of an online community