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eHealth Care

SIVMED - Integrated EHR System (Electronic Health Record)

SIVMED represents a complex IT-based solution, addressed to the health units such as hospitals, groups of  hospitals and policlinics. Covering the main functional aspects of the hospital environment, this software product provides solutions to both issues of medical nature and to those regarding administrative intra-hospital aspects.

The system includes several specialized modules, addressed to medical institutions – hospitals, policlinics, laboratories – placing the patient, the services provided to him/her and the costs associated to current medical operations and procedures on center-stage.

SIVMED is based on modern technologies, offering immediate and long-term benefits, as well as the automatization of repetitive processes, increased workflow efficiency, security and interoperability, including interoperability with health insurance systems.

SIVMED, a high complexity IT product structured on two levels:

  •  data collection level – HIS (Health Information System), LIS (Laboratory Information System), RIS (Radiology Information System)
  •  managerial and decision making level  – MIS (Management Information System)

They are complemented by a portal dedicated to communication between medical specialists, as well as between these and the public.

SIVMED is a system formed of hardware equipments, software, people, policies and processes, which:

  • collect data from multiple sources
  • is used by clinicians as a primary source of information when delivering the medical care
  • provides decision making support within evidence –based medicine
  • allows for costs evaluation with a high degree of accuracy thus substantiating the financial- accounting management of the activity of the units delivering medical services
  • allows for – through using the current ICT level – comfortable, safe, secure and efficient access of patients and medical staff to data and information of interest for those mentioned.

SIVMED operates as:

Resources Manager

  • Human resources and payroll management
  • Maintenance management, including equipment, building and sanitary instrumentation maintenance
  • Inventory management, including medicine and sanitary materials
  • Financial- accounting management

Clinical System

  • Patient management
  • Documenting the medical activity
  • Simplifying and increasing the efficiency of clinical processes
  • Prescribing medicines and management of pharmacies
  • Administration of wards, beds and operating rooms
  • Administration of laboratory activities
  • Data and hospital activity flow management

Information and Communication System

  • Controlling and securing access to personal data
  • Facilitating the access of patients and of persons they authorize (for instance, general practitioners ) to their own electronic health record (medical file)
  • Facilitating the information exchange between members of the medical staff, as well as between them and the patients
  • Providing information for hospital patients, for the authorities and other interested persons