eLearning for business and administration | SIVECO Romania

eLearning for business and administration

For the lifelong training of employees from private or public organizations, SIVECO Romania provides the AeL Enterprise platform, a complex, full and scalable solution, extremely easy to use. The platform includes also the AeL digital content repository, a unique collection of multimedia learning obejcts. The system is meant to support the know-how and information transfer in a fast, practical manner, anywhere and by anyone who has access rights.

Along with integrated eLearning solutions, SIVECO Romania provides its customers with a range of auxiliary services, meant to enhance the quality of its offer. These services include:

  • consultancy in developing projects for introducing IT into education
  • delivery and installation of equipments and software applications
  • analysis for the development and customization of eLearning AeL solutions
  • parameterization of the eLearning AeL solutions
  • installation and configuration of the eLearning AeL solutions
  • development of interactive educational content
  • training for users 
  • technical assistance
  • technical support and maintenance for eLearning AeL solutions
  • change management and project dissemination.

eLearning AeL platform is certified SCORM 2004, 3rd Edition, by Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL, http://www.adlnet.gov).