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AeL eContent

SIVECO Romania has acquired, especially during the last 3 years, a wide expertise in developing multimedia educational content for the initial or lifelong training of employees.

Through the AeL Enterprise system, participants have permanent access to AeL interactive lessons, multimedia facilities and a collaborative module.

AeL interactive lessons represent a solid, flexible and adjustable instrument, which combines various efficient learning techniques that contribute to fast information retaining and motivating the students.

AeL eContent is developed on the basis of a constructivist and student-centred approach. Each interactive lesson helps the student to conduct searches and researches, to discover solutions and to develop his own stock of knowledge, transforming the educational process into a pleasant experience.

AeL eContent can be translated into any language and can be localized for any country, observing the cultural, social and educational specificity of the region.

The teaching resources can include a broad range of resources, such as:

  • video clips
  • audio files
  • animations
  • experiments
  • process simulations
  • role plays
  • images
  • evaluation tests

SIVECO Romania has developed lessons for multiple professional areas, such as:

  • Medicine: neonatology for physicians and neonatology assistants; health management
  • Environment: environment management; environment technical expert and environment quality protection
  • Information and communications technology: introductory IT training; web-design and e-commerce
  • Vocational training: land registration technical expert, electrician, automation experts
  • Business: business simulator, entrepreneurial skills
  • Marketing and sales: sales management; training for research in marketing and survey techniques  
  • Public acquisitions: training for experts in public acquisition
  • Training techniques: differentiated training; interactive teaching-learning methods; competences-centred curriculum; education in knowledge-based society
  • Administrative sciences
  • Tourism guide