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AeL Enterprise Platform

AeL Enterprise is a complex platform for teaching, learning, evaluation and management of multimedia educational content, providing any organization with a complete, flexible and secure training solution.

For an optimal training, the system allows the use of the AeL digital content repository, a unique collection of multimedia learning objects that can be developed for any teaching subject, from any activity area , depending on your organization's needs.

AeL Enterprise benefits

Efficient and economic

  • Allows the participation of an unlimited number of employees in training courses
  • Contributes to reducing expenses related to course organization
  • Provides quick and controlled access to a wide base of educational content
  • Allows the self-planning of training, depending on the time allocated by each employee


  • the employees working schedule is not affected by the participation in training courses
  • Being very easy to use, the AeL system can be used even by beneficiaries with basic computer skills
  • Trainers do not have to travel to training centres
  • It simplifies the training planning, scheduling and synchronisation

Safe and flexible

  • It has been scientifically proven that training without a trainer reduces the students’ stress
  • The system allows customizing the training process both ways, synchronous and asynchronous (with or without a trainer)
  • The training process is done in a virtual, secure environment
  • AeL System improves the training process through efficient and modern instruments

Collaboration, competitiveness

  • AeL System stimulates natural curiosity, competition, individual and team work

AeL Enterprise is the optimal solution for:

  • synchronous learning – coordinated by a trainer who leads the course and who creates, orders and monitors the entire process, from the same location or from different locations
  • asynchronous learning – the students can study individually, at their own pace; it is adequate for distance learning
  • testing and evaluation – by means of a module that meets companies' needs for measuring the impact and efficiency of the teaching process, providing a unitary level for the evaluation of students

AeL Enterprise provides instruments for:

  • evaluation of each student’s performance – depending on the time and effort invested in the training process,through intermediary phases or final tests
  • monitoring  the students – displaying the materials undertaken by each of the participants and observing their behaviour during tests, with the possibility to monitor each student’s screen during the synchronous training sessions
  • report generation – each manager is associated in the AeL system with one or more departments and has the possibility to generate reports related to the courses which members of the respective departments have participated in.

Why choose the AeL Enterprise solution?

  • Because well trained employees are the most important asset of your organization
  • The competitive advantage of a company is determined by the level of development of its employees, as well as by their professional and personal training level
  • The employees’ training is carried out with lower costs, anywhere and anytime
  • It provides your employees with the possibility to learn in an intelligent manner, by using interactive multimedia resources
  • It transforms the training process from obligation into motivation

AeL Enterprise general characteristics

  • Friendly and adjustable interface, differentiated depending on the user type, the groups it belongs to and his access rights
  • It can also be used by those with basic computer skills  
  • The roles, groups, users and the associated access rights are easy to manage
  • AeL Enterprise system is compatible with the latest international standards: SCORM and IMS
  • Easy to install, use and manage
  • Provides multi-linguistic and regional support: AeL Enterprise is easy to translate into any other language, easy to configure for any region or country and allows users to select the language of the interface display

AeL Enterprise is a modern instrument, especially designed for the efficient training of the employees and for the management of human resources training in your company.

The system security is ensured by the fact that access can be done in a differentiated manner, on several layers that can be  configured by the administrator, each of these having associated specific rights.