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eInsurance solutions

SIVECO Romania has developed a series of special customized applications in the benefit of migrant workers, employed persons and other social insured citizens.


It is a project that provides a customized application aimed at ensuring the implementation of a uniform and integrated payment system for all social services.

The development and implementation of the SAFIR solution is based on the national legislation in the field of social security. The modern solution was provided to the Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Protection by SIVECO Romania in partnership with BULL Romania and BULL SAS France.

The solution:

  • contributes to the creation of a consistent national information system for the administration of social benefits which fall under the responsibility of Social Assistance services
  • ensures the management of social benefits in Romania and to carry out their grouped payment
  • creates a unified data base of the social benefits in Romania, which are paid from the state budget, and a system which can help in the decision making process


It is a project that provides a modern computerised system dedicated to contributory benefits.

The TOPAZ system, implemented by SIVECO Romania, provides efficient instruments for the uniform management of insurers, employers and subscriptions and real time calculation of the rights. The system is based on a decision making system that complies with the rules, which provides flexibility, both as regards the legislative changes, and from the point of view of implementation in various legislative frameworks.

The project ensures an efficient management of the retirement pensions and social insurance rights, which:

  • provides instruments for the management of insurers, employers, subscriptions, real time calculation of the rights and payments
  • is built upon a core dedicated to the management of the contributory - retirement pension, unemployment benefit, decease allowance, maternity allowance s.o - and non contributory - social pension, widow allowance, orphans allowance, the minimal guaranteed income benefits


It is a project through which a specialised solution is provided aimed at ensuring the computerised management of the activities of institutions involved in social insurance for migrant workers.

The MERCUR Project aims at building an integrated, modern, rapid, reliable, safe system for each of the following institutions within the Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Protection:

  • National Agency for Social Services
  • National Agency for Employment
  • National Pension and Social Security House

The solution consists of a social security application for employed persons, independent workers and their families moving within the European Community. The solution comes as a requirement of the European Union and its objectives can only be ensured through an integrated computerised system.

Through electronic data processing, the procedures get simplified, to the benefit of all the beneficiaries. The persons targeted benefit from all the warranties set by Community provisions referring to the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing and free movement of personal data.

The coordination of the social security systems for migrant workers is implemented in Romania within the MERCUR project, carried out by SIVECO Romania in partnership with Bull Romania.