Workflow and document management system - SIVADOC

SIVADOC solves the companies' critical problems regarding electronic archiving, workflows, indexing, searching, security, document managing and integration.

SIVADOC provides a common platform for connecting people, processes and information, irrespective of the organisation’s field of activity, in order to speed up the documents circuit, improve information access and protect against unauthorized access. By bringing together complex functionalities, SIVADOC regulates in a controlled manner the monitorization, security and the document flow and archiving.  

According to reseacrh companies, 80% of the employees spend an average time of 30 minutes per day for searching information, while 60% spend an hour or more recreating documents that already exist. By using an IT-based solution for document management, the degree for improving the current activities increases by at least 50% and the documents approval time is reduced from weeks down to hours.  

The experience of SIVECO Romania in implementing its proprietary solution, SIVADOC, within various types of organizations has shown a  decrease of the average communication time by 70-80%, as well as a significant decrease of the time spent with elaborating various activity reports.

Through SIVADOC, all the information are available directly from the IT system, including facilities for information integration.

SIVADOC implementation at the organization level will lead to the increase of documents processing, the decrease of the physical documents archive and of the respective storage space.

The direct beneficiaries of the improved internal information communication flows will be the organization, following the increase of the operational efficiency and the decrease of documents processing costs, as well as its clients, who will benefit from more efficient services and a better communication process.


  • Document management
  • Document archiving
  • Generating documents from standard templates
  • Easy document search
  • Natural integration of e-mail and fax management systems
  • Natural integration with Microsoft Office applications Microsoft Windows work environment
  • Workflows management and pursuit of the the activities carried out within the organisation
  • Mechanisms for ensuring a secured access to information
  • Administration mechanisms
  • Flexibility


  • Faster and higher efficiency of the organisational process bt sending the documents in electronic format
  • Easy access of the information existing in the organisation
  • Possibility to integrate and interact with other IT-based systems and adjusting to the technological requirements of the partners and competition
  • Promoting a consistent and coherent image by using standard documents
  • Alignment to international standards and trends and preparing the IT infrastructure for certifying the activity quality