Farm Management System | SIVECO Romania

Farm Management System


Integrated Information System SIVECO - Farm Management ensures collecting, relating, reporting and carrying out forecasting for the data referring to the management of farms and agricultural land through integration of the following modules:

Management of agricultural terrains

  • Using graphic and realistic maps of agricultural terrains
  • System’s interface with the agricultural equipments 
  • Subsidies management at the level of APIA physical blocks
  • Management of agricultural crops (crops planning, crops rotation, main crops, preceding crops, and intermediary plants)
  • Planning fertilization procedures depending on the existing nutrients 

Management of agricultural activities

  • Planning of human resources (man–hours)
  • Planning, monitoring and carrying out agricultural activities
  • Management of agricultural equipments and fuel consumption
  • Management of yielded production 

Management of Lease Contracts

  • Management of land owners and lease contracts
  • Management of the synthetic and analytical situation at the contract level regarding the products and the afferent payments

Reporting and prognoses

  • Daily reporting: works carried out at the level of crop, field and farm
  • Production reports at the actual level of crop, area, activity resource used
  • Reports highlighting production: yielded and unfinished
  • Reports on costs budgeted and registered at the farm level
  • Reports on monitoring the contracts development
  • Reports for budget monitoring per general and specific activities
  • Reports on inventory and fixed assets management
  • Reports regarding the maintenance and repair activity
  • Reports regarding the financial-accounting activity

SIVGIS - Mobile

  • Monitoring the status of agricultural works 
  • Monitoring status of equipment / agricultural equipment
  • GPS locating services
  • Services for routs configuring


  • Real time knowledge of the situation of agricultural works, including at the level of maps
  • Knowing and analysis of the crops history, activities, resources used and results achieved
  • Control of all types of consumptions (seeds, materials, fuel, spare parts and labor etc.)
  • Generating the crops’ rotation plan
  • Using the theme maps: maps with executed works, multi-annual maps with crops carried out, multi-annual maps with fertilizations performed, maps of expenses incurred etc
  • Profit determining at the level of parcel/ per crop type
  • Integrated, flexible, scalable and robust system
  • Eliminating human error
  • Capacity to process large volumes of information
  • Proactive decisions through rapid access to up-to date information
  • More time for analysis and control by eliminating time allocated to data adding and consolidation.