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Integrated Administration and Control System - IACS

The Integrated Administration and Control System (IACS - Integrated Administration and Control System), implemented at the Payment and Intervention Agency for Agriculture (APIA) achieves the complete management of area payments for farmers, from national and European funds.

The components are:

  • Data Caption Module
  • Administrative Control (Check) Module
  • Spot Check Module, covering the functionalities related to classical field control and by remote sensing
  • Payment Calculation Module
  • Payment Authorization Module

Main activities covered by the functionalities:

  • Importing the data related to farmers requests for financial aid, within each payment measure
  • Eligibility checkup 
  • Financial aid requests checkup
  • Land parcel crosscheck
  • Risk analysis (based on predefined criteria)
  • On-the-spot checks
  • Verifying data related to remote-sensing checks
  • Calculation of payments and associated debts
  • Payment authorization

The integrated IT system of APIA and IACS accomplishes:

  • records of farmers, farms and agricultural holdings
  • the taking over farmers' aid applications and of any other applicants for area aid payments
  • performing both administrative controls and on-the-spot-checks
  • calculation and approval of payments per farm, including quality control and audit activities
  • effective execution of payments to farmers
  • payments accounting - standard accounting procedures based on the expenditures and revenue accounts
  • records of geographic and alphanumeric data regarding the areas declared by farmers
  • printing maps for farmers, both per physical block and per farmer
  • management of foreign trade schemes - trade licenses, calculating and issuing guarantees, development of the set of trade licenses – import-export reports
  • management of intervention schemes regarding the acquisition, the public and private storage and sale, as well as development of functionality modifications of tender sale-purchase
  • application of milk subsidy schemes in schools within the intervention measures for milk and dairy products
  • management in the IT system of payments regarding the aid measure for financial aid in the bee-keeping program
  • management and monitoring of payments from the national schemes providing financial support
  • management of advances and guarantees
  • debts management and monitoring of payments from national schemes
  • management and monitoring of payments from the European schemes 

The system provides compatibility between national support schemes for farmers and EU support schemes and involves:

  • evaluating of 1,650,000 agricultural physical blocks
  • processing over 1,200,000 subsidy applications submitted each year
  • registration of 1,450,000 farmers in the date base
  • training more than 750,000 external users and 5 000 internal users (employees of APIA)
  • more than 5 billion euro paid to farmers in 2007-2013
  • access of all APIA employees from 261 APIA local centers and  42 municipality centers to the IT system, in order to process online all the electronic data related to subsidy applications submitted in the APIA territorial centers