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Land Registry

SIVECO Romania proposes to the local government a solution to streamline the work: the Land Registry, an integrated software solution that provides better record keeping of households in localites of terrains, agricultural equipment and livestock that contribute to the development of agriculture and to the good use of local resources.

The Land Registry is addressed to the specialized departments in city halls of communes, towns or municipalities, including the district city halls within the Bucharest municipality, that need precise records and management of the population's households and of the legal entities dthat own constructions or land in the locality's area.

Benefits of implementing the Land Registry solution:

  • Introducing IT to the process of recording and reporting of households within a locality, of lands, agro-industrial machinery, tools and equipments, and livestock
  • Simplifying and streamlining the process of collecting information about households, terrains and animals
  • Centralizing data
  • Ensuring a high level of security
  • Data accuracy and uniqueness
  • Easiness in system administration tasks
  • Easy implementation of the legislation at a national level
  • The possibility of interconnection with other applications in public administration being an open system
  • Using ORACLE 10g technology as database management system, also used by applications implemented by numerous public administration authorities that deal with a large data volume
  • Extensibility with minimal costs, the system being an important instrument within the decision making process
  • System integration, for information registered within a department to be retrieved and used by all departments