Geographical Information System (GIS) is a term defining an organized collection of hardware, software, geographical data, spatial data, and descriptive and personal data, dedicated to the procurement, storing, updating, processing, analysis and displaying of geographical information generated from the current activities of an  organization.

Advantages of the SIVGIS solution

  • Increased organizational efficiency
  • Improved planning
  • High accuracy of information
  • Productivity of operations
  • Improved customer communication
  • Efficient resource management

How Does SIVGIS Operate?

SIVGIS is a desktop application that is installed like any other Windows application and that it works with a various range of GIS formats.

Technical data

  • Editing - the application offers complex editing tools: merging, division, real time geometry modification, functionalities complying with total coverage topology rules, of the type “does not allow empty spaces and overlapping”.
  • Viewing Data and Images  - the application is optimized for uploading geographical data and has predefined theme layers – GPS measurements, remote sensing and orthographic images.

Functionalities covered by SIVGIS

The application has a very large processing capacity, covering the entire surface of Romania – 23,800,000 ha. Practically, the entire territory can be transposed in maps. The application provides data and image visualization, editing, users’ management, analysis and map printing. SIVGIS is fully integrated with the integrated information system SIVECO Applications for managing organizational resources.

Users’ management

Centralized management of users and available functionalities are performed based on roles. The user’s access is secured and only permitted in work areas predefined by the administrator.


The application provides mass generation of maps (over 1,000,000 maps per campaign /year) on predefined templates. The documents can be generated in PDF format or can be printed.


The application has functionalities for advanced spatial analysis that create and manage reference layers through complex methods of spatial analysis.

GPS measurements identified following on–the-spot check procedures can easily managed.

Who is it aimed at? 

SIVGIS is dedicated to utilities companies, banks and insurance companies, tourism organizations, environment conservation and protection organizations, health institutions, energy and transport companies or public administration.

SIVGIS provides managers with the possibility of making decisions based on accurate information.

SIVGIS for Utilities Providers

SIVGIS is extremely useful for utilities providers in the field of district heating, water, electric energy and gas. The solution integrates the existing information at company level, stored in the classical system. Thus, managers have access to complex digital maps as support for planning activities and increasing the quality of services provided to customers.

By definition, utilities companies manage geographically distributed equipment (electric wiring routes, gas pipelines, telecommunication equipment, water pumps and pipelines). SIVGIS supports network modelling, for fast and correct operational decisions.

SIVGIS for Reorganizing City Halls Data

SIVGIS uniformly manages all categories of geographical information (spatial, textual, images, multimedia) within city halls. The application ensures correct, complete and timely information for decision makers, and ensures setting up and common usage of general interest information collections (reference directories, databases), high speed access to information and the quick transfer of information between users.

As most activities at city halls level have a geographical component, many of the decisions made at a local level depend on knowing the information’s position (parcels, zoning, properties, highways, socio-cultural objectives, assignments) as well as on understanding the spatial links.

Given the fact that many disputes in city halls are related to real estate matters, SIVGIS allows monitoring the owners’ evolution and eliminating the litigations over land properties, determining the vacant terrains and the situation of private and state owned real estate properties (area, configuration size, type of building), therefore reducing the time for releasing urbanism certificates, building authorizations, demolishing and division.

Using SIVGIS allows the coordination of underground and over-ground network lines, the intervention activities regarding the works at the municipal networks, optimization of urban transport lines, efficient management of parking spaces, efficient management of green spots, and carrying out efficient programs for urban infrastructure investments, for the appropriate running of the city.

SIVGIS for County Councils

The System for Managing the Geospatial Data dedicated to County Councils monitors procurement, storing, updating, processing, analysis and displaying geographical information generated by current activities of departments within County Councils – land improvement, city planning and authorizing, discipline in constructions, land register and localities management, administration of county roads, monitoring the works, taxes and duties, patrimony (heritage), environment protection, civil protection, transport and traffic and tourism.

The solution eliminates data redundancy, allows quick access to information, contributes to increasing the productivity of employed staff, by using IT tools in all the activities, at all levels, and supports communication with external users.

Voting Management with SIVGIS

Organizing and developing elections can be made more efficient in terms of using material and human resources. Uninominal colleges are correctly represented on the election maps. Geospatial data provides information on the position of voting sections, allocation of streets and postal zip codes, street delimitations and the exact areas where elective boards are displayed.