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Support Applications

Economic Operators Registration and Identification System - EORI

EORI is a computer based system ensuring the unique registration and identification of economic operators throughout the entire territory of the European Union.

EORI allows the applicant economic operators to fill in the request for allocating an EORI number and to transmit it to the customs authority.

Risk Management System – RMS

RMS is a system for risk management, that ensures the management of common community and national risk criteria (profiles), performs the risk analysis for safety and security reasons, and ensures information availability following the risk analysis, in order to monitor the flow of goods and select the customs operations for performing controls.

RMS has interfaces for connection with the national applications NCTS, ECS, ICS and Customs Declaration Processing System (CDPS) and is applied to transit declarations, Summary Entry Declarations, export declarations, Summary Exit Declarations, and the customs declarations for free circulation.

Financial - Accounting Management - CAM

CAM is a component of the system SIVECO Applications, adapted to the specific needs of customs, ensuring the financial-accounting management, management of the fixed assets and inventory objects, and stock management in accordance with current regulations.

The application also ensures automation of data flows, data consistency and coherence, quick retrieval of information, information centralization and reporting, taking into account the organizational structure.

Application for Traditional Own Resources - RPT

The application supports the activity of managing the own traditional resources of the European Community.

The following are included in the own traditional resources category:

  • Customs duties, legal entities
  • Customs duties, natural persons
  • Settlement duties and anti-dumping duties for products
  • Settlement duties and anti-dumping duties  for services
  • Customs duties for the agricultural sector

Anti-Drug Information System - ADIS

ADIS is an essential instrument for fighting against the illicit drug traffic, ensuring the information management and the secured exchange of information between the responsible agencies / bodies in the field.

Information System of the Customs Laboratory - Laboratory

Laboratory is an information system supporting business processes in the field of customs laboratories.

Information Management System- BI

BI is a system for data collection, analysis and reporting, that supports the decision making activity and monitors the efficiency and efficacy of the customs activity.