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eCustoms for Transaction Systems

New Computerized Transit System - NCTS

NCTS is a Trans-European system for monitoring and controlling community and common transit, based on the electronic submission and processing of transit statements and on the exchange of electronic messages between customs offices involved in transit operations, offices on the territory of Member States and of  EFTA countries.

Exports Control System - ECS

ECS is a Trans-European system for monitoring the exports of Community goods leaving the Community’s customs territory, contributing to the simplification of the customs flows and to supporting fiscal purposes.

Import Control System  - ICS

ICS is a Trans-European control system for goods imports that increases the safety and security upon goods entering the Community territory, manages the entry summary declarations, performs the risk analysis of information and the distribution of risk analysis results to the customs authorities involved.

Advantages of NCTS, ECS, ICS for the Economic Operators

  • Reducing the clearance time spent at customs
  • Flexibility in presenting declarations
  • Simplification of the customs procedures
  • Fast release of the transit warranty
  • Possibility of ENS submission at a customs office different from the first office of entry on the Community territory
  • Fast confirmation of export operations, allowing VAT reimbursement and export reimbursements
  • Using simplified procedures based on the local clearance authorisations
  • Eliminating the costs for the consignors using the DTI solution (Direct Trader Input)

Advantages of NCTS, ECS, ICS for the Customs Authority

  • Improving coordination and communication with the customs administrations involved
  • Preventing and fighting customs fraud
  • Harmonizing customs procedures
  • Monitoring transit moves, exports
  • Facilitating discharge of the transit procedure and closure of the export regime
  • Using a single warranty throughout the entire transport
  • Efficient control  based on risk analysis
  • Workflow management
  • Real time access to information

Differentiators of NCTS, ECS, ICS

  • Open, extensible and scalable solution
  • User interface for the transit declaration is identical with the Single Administrative Document (SAD) set by the current legislation
  • Trader (Consignor) Module is provided free of charge to economic operators by the customs authority
  • DTI and EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) solutions for data exchange with economic operators
  • Fast creation of new declarations by multiplying existing declarations
  • The possibility for automatic reconfiguring of workflows