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AeL eContent virtual Library

AeL eContent is one of the richest and most attractive collections of educational content in the world, comprising 45,000 reusable learning objects, covering multiple curriculum-based subject matters.

AeL eContent brings the newest approach in pedagogy, stimulating creativity and facilitating learning by discovering, not through mechanical memorizing of information. The entire educational process takes place in a virtual secured environment, controlled by efficient technologies, intuitive and attractive for students.

AeL eContent is developed based on a constructivist and student-centred approach. Each interactive lesson helps students search, research, discover solutions and form their own stock of knowledge. AeL eContent transforms students’ obligation to learn into motivation.

AeL eContent includes simulations, experiments, video-clips, animations and other multimedia resources, meant to stimulate students’ natural curiosity, applicability, trans-disciplinarity, individual work and project–based learning.

The AeL digital content is developed in accordance with the current pedagogical norms, complies with the latest international standards and represents a support for teachers, helping them transform the lesson into a pleasant experience for students and efficient from the pedagogical perspective, as well.

The educational software allows students to repeat the digital lessons as many times as necessary in order to understand a certain subject. And as the application interface is user friendly, any student with basic computer skills can use the AeL lessons, just following the instructions on the screen.

The curricular coverage of AeL eContent is fully compliant with the universal educational approach. AeL eContent can be translated into any language and can be localized for any country, respecting the cultural, social and educational specificity of the region.

Using the computer aided AeL lessons, teachers have available all the elements necessary for a double approach, maintaining a careful balance between the knowledge processes > learning, and the knowledge products > information.

The AeL eContent Library has been recognized as the best educational content in the world within the famous competition World Summit Awards 2005, competing against hundreds of other applications worldwide.

AeL eContent – Types of educational Content

  • Thematic Software
  • Investigation Software
  • Simulation Software
  • Testing /evaluation Software
  • Interactive learning Software
  • Educational games

Benefits for students

  • Optimization of the learning process
  • Possibility to repeat experiments and to build one’s own conclusions
  • Possibility to discover and explore complex experiments in a virtual, safe  environment
  • Easy understanding of phenomena and complex processes
  • More time for in-depth studying of a certain subject
  • More individual time for practice

Benefits for teachers

  • Less time for configuring experiments and simulations
  • The possibility to prove complex real life phenomena that students can repeat digitally
  • More time for additional explanations on a certain topic
  • Dangerous experiments are conducted in a safe, virtual environment, without risks
  • The lessons are interactive and students are actively participating in the class
  • Teachers have more time to spend with each student, following the approach model of student-centred teaching
  • Resources savings, as the digital content can be reused anytime

Benefits for school

  • Virtual laboratories are much easier to install and manage than traditional laboratories
  • The virtual lessons are easy to implement for groups of students of different sizes and different study levels
  • The virtual environment ensures a safe learning environment for students
  • The acquisition costs of the laboratory materials are reduced, by using the interactive lessons than can be reused anytime