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AeL Education Analyzer - Business Intelligence (BI) for Education

It is a suite of software tools that allows the ministries of education to get a clear and complete image of the entire education system.

The Education Analyzer provides an intelligent and efficient approach for collecting, analyzing and presenting information needed for planning, decision making and education forecasting.

At the macro level, AeL Education Analyzer:

  • provides a general framework for an efficient and profitable prognosis of the national education policies and long term strategies
  • contributes to the efficient calculation of all the resources available within the national system
  • provides cutting-edge technological support for sustaining the decisions over the entire educational system
  • contributes to increasing the transparency of the governmental decision making process in support of education modernization


By providing several interfaces, AeL Education Analyzer provides complex functionalities for all the parties involved in the education system, localized:

  • at national level
  • at regional level
  • at school level
  • for the large audience

The solution includes a set of software instruments for supporting the administrative process of the education system – decision, evaluation, planning, simulation and prognosis, monitoring and control – for the specific needs of:

Decision makers - the departments within the Ministry of Education that are responsible with Strategy and Educational Policies, Statistics and Human Resources, Finance and Accounting Department - all the parties using the system to extract data necessary for making decisions on schools planning or on costs per student and/or teacher.

Central administration personnel and representatives of the central administration - including regional subsidiaries. This category is enabled to extract statistics about schools, students and teachers at regional or school level, data about teachers/students ratios, students’ distribution and other statistical information. This group usually consists of administrative personnel like managers, operators, inspectors and head directors, who need monitoring and statistical information on part or on the whole educational system.

Local administration personnel - the principals and secretaries from each school can access relevant information about their own school or other schools, through comparison.

The general public - the general public can access a wide range of information in education, through the school map interface and through a national education portal. These tools address students, teachers, parents, administrative personnel, education specialists, public institutions, private sector representatives and the media, providing this way high transparency degree of the national education system.