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Virtual Laboratories

The virtual laboratories are online applications, based on project-based educational strategies. The virtual laboratories can be accessed by means of a portal or local server and allow students to run various experiments, exactly like in a classical laboratory, but in a safe, secured environment aiming at observing, studying, proving, checking and measuring the results of natural phenomena.

By means of virtual experiments, students can experiment any situation from the real life, irrespective of their degree of complexity and danger. As they are simulated on computer, the processes can be repeated until they are fully understood. The digital resources encompassed by the virtual laboratories are attractive and easy to use by students, transforming thus the class in a unique and extremely pleasant activity.

Examples of virtual laboratories developed by SIVECO Romania:

  • - portal dedicated to the special education, including multimedia interactive lessons based on experiments, simulations, video clips and other multimedia resources, adjusted to students with special needs
  • - portal dedicated to pre-university education, providing pupils with interactive virtual laboratories for chemistry, physics and biology

The virtual laboratories imply compliance with both the pedagogical specifications and the curricula, as well as with the recommendations, standards, norms and conventions specific for designing digital educational content, regarding ergonomics and functionality.