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Major Projects

SIVECO Romania has concluded or is currently implementing the following international major projects:


Introducing IT to the National Health Insurance House in Bulgaria.

Coverage of the NHIF computerized system:

  • 5,000 general practitioners
  • 2,500 pharmacists
  • 400 hospitals
  • 9,000 specialists
  • 600 laboratories
  • 15,000 annual contracts between medical service providers and the health insurance fund
  • 17,000 monthly reports

The process of introducing the Integrated Information System in Bulgarian Health Insurance Fund is one of the most important projects of its kind in Bulgaria, due to its complexity and magnitude. The essential objective of this undertaking is the development of a unitary and improved health insurance system, in all its functional aspects.

The integrated system, carried out by the Bulgarian National Health Insurance Fund, has improved the transfer of information in the health insurance sector, with measurable advantages for all parties involved in the medical system.

"This IT project is the first export of IT know-how in România. By successfully completing this complex IT undertaking, SIVECO Romania team confirms its reputation as a pioneer in the area of highly complex IT projects, enriching its portfolio with an exceptional international reference", Bogdan Iavorschi, Head of the Project Team, SIVECO Romania.


Using digital learning objects in schools.

The IT department within the Ministry of Education from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has chosen SIVECO Romania as a partner in developing the project for supporting the teaching and learning process in public schools for using digital learning objects.

Why eContent from SIVECO Romania?

  • To improve the learning performance and increase the quality of education in UAE, in accordance with the national strategy Ministry of Education
  • To provide a new approach in computer based education for the students and teachers in the United Arab Emirates

SIVECO Romania has:

  • an integrated vision on eLearning
  • solid background and huge investment in education
  • strong pedagogical approach on ICT for education
  • unique portfolio of over 45,000 learning objects based on 23 subjects
  • highly trained pedagogic consultants
  • multiple international recognitions for its solutions, products and specialists

The mission of SIVECO Romania solutions for improving the education in UAE:

  • to create an extensive repository of 3,200 interactive learning objects, integrated with the existing portal of the Ministry of Education in UAE
  • to offer students and teachers access to the most exciting collection of animations, movies, simulations, exercises and experiments based on Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Geography
  • to provide a learning management system, AeL, that helps organize and deliver learning objects to students at their own pace and level
  • to provide training of teachers in information technology and eLearning software usage, for enhancing the quality of teaching and learning process
  • to reassign a central role of teachers in the education system, emphasizing that the quality of education is directly linked to how well teachers are prepared for teaching

SIVECO Romania has also contributed to the development of the national portal of the Ministry of Education in the UAE:


21,000 digital learning objects for 13 curriculum disciplines.

The project of introducing eContent in the educational process is customized to fully meet the requirements of the Ministry of Education and Culture in Cyprus.

The solution provided for the Ministry of Education in Cyprus includes a total of 512 DEC (Digital Educational Content) units, totaling 21,000 Learning objects. The Learning objects were designed to cover all the specific teaching goals for all the 13 subjects. The educational content delivered in schools covers 13 subjects: Mathematics, English, Physics, Chemistry, French, Technology, Basic Mechanical Engineering, Applied Electronics, Building Materials and Construction, Graphical Design, Interior Design, Hotel and Tourism, Carpentry.

The digital lessons focus on practical activities, interactive simulations, experiments, all designed to develop the natural curiosity and the applicability of theoretical concepts in a secured virtual environment.

The centralized Learning Management System is used by:

  • 700 schools
  • 130,000 pupils
  • 20,000 teachers
  • 150,000 parents
  • 20 administrators

The project contributes to the development and modernization of the Cypriot education system, by introducing and enhancing the use of information technology in the teaching/ learning process, in the pre-university education.

"SIVECO Romania team - along with its partner HS Data Ltd. Cyprus - has managed to carry out a difficult project of national interest and has contributed to the development and modernization of the education system in Cyprus. Through its functionality, the AeL solution offered by SIVECO Romania brings significant benefits to the pre-university educational system in Cyprus, with positive effects on the teaching and learning process. From the perspective of an eLearning solutions supplier, SIVECO Romania constantly contributes to the development of the educational environment, a mandatory requirement of the knowledge-based society. The completion of the project in Cyprus represents another "best practice" example that along with other major educational projects developed by SIVECO Romania worldwide proves the quality and effectiveness of our eLearning solutions". Doina Binig, Vice-President Strategy & Chief Operating Officer, SIVECO Romania.


Teachers learn to create lessons and e-tests.

Holding an extended experience in the development of educational projects, SIVECO Romania, in partnership with ULTRA Computers, participates in Azerbaijan within the complex implementation program of the first eLearning integrated solution.

The introduction of the latest IT&C educational resources aims to modernize and increase the efficiency of the education system in Azerbaijan. The project objective is to develop an entirely new educational platform and a inter-connected educational framework, based on a validated common infrastructure, scalable, so as to response to the Ministry of Education need for development.

The beneficiaries of the complex modernization project are both the students and teachers in Azerbaijan, as well as local and national administrations representatives.

For a modern management of school resources, AeL ASM solution was implemented, which centralizes the information at each school level, supporting the local decision makers.

"The teachers have obtained new skills and their interest towards carrying out interactive lessons through AeL system has grown. At the same time, the management process was simplified", Zulfiyya Veysova, Director of Baku European Lyceum.


Educational content for the pupils and teachers from 9,000 Moroccan schools.

The IT-based Education System in Morocco was launched in 2010, having as beneficiary the Ministry of Education, Higher Education, Training and Scientific Research in Morocco. The project is carried out by SIVECO Romania as leader of the consortium including the Moroccan company INVOLYS.

SIVECO Romania supplies an IT-based Education System - NED (National Educational Database), a unique integrated component dedicated to collecting, validating and consulting the data necessary to the management of the education system at all levels: school, school inspectorate and ministry.

The company will also create an educational portal integrated with NED at the functional level that will ensure educational content for the pupils and teachers from 9,000 Moroccan schools. SIVECO Romania also provides applications for the management of school institutions (AeL School Manager) and for the development of specific educational processes: teaching/ learning, evaluation and communication (AeL LMS/LCMS).

"We are very proud that SIVECO Romania is the main provider of IT solutions for the Ministry of National Education in the Kingdom of Morocco, within the strategic program of introducing IT into the education system at national level. The SIE Program (Systéme d'Informatisation de l'Education) will be implemented until 2013 at national level and will provide pupils and teaching staff with the possibility to use the most modern educational tools", Florian Ciolacu, Vice-President International Accounts&Partners, SIVECO Romania.

The project first phase objective is to install the ASM system (management of school institutions per study levels, management of school results, the organizational chart, school schedules, the performance indicators etc.) in 100 high schools, 200 colleges and 400 primary schools in Morocco. At the same time, the learning management system (LMS) will be integrated in 100 high schools and 9,400 users will be trained.

"The system for managing the educational policy will be transparent and controlled. Each school institution will benefit from its own system for managing the information related to teachers, pupils, employees and resources, while our solution, which is an integrated and standardized one, will ensure the uniform data management", Alexandru Coşbuc, Deputy Vice-President International accounts & Partners, SIVECO Romania.

Republic of Moldova

SIVABON helps in building financial relations with low degree of risk.

SIVECO Romania has successfully concluded the implementation of SIVABON system at the Credit Bureau in Republic of Moldova, certified by the receipt of the functional acceptance letter from the beneficiary.

Changes on the credit market in Republic of Moldova imposed taking some prudence measures. Thus, it emerged the need for setting up an agency for monitoring the users' credits.

The Credit Bureau in the neighboring country chose SIVABON solution provided by SIVECO Romania both due to the very good price/performance ratio, and, mostly, due to the excellent results of the solution operating at the Romanian Credit Bureau.

"The great advantage of SIVABON system, on which this institution operating activities are based, is that it helps in building financial relations with low degree of risk for its participants (financial & banking and non-banking institutions) and, indirectly, for the entire financial system. Each participant contributes to the building and maintaining of a large-scale database containing best quality data. We are confident that this project becomes the main instrument for both the credit approval and risk analysis departments, and for the development of new products" , Lucian Grigorescu, Senior Project Manager, SIVECO Romania.

Republic of Moldova

Implementation of multimedia educational content in 20 high schools.

20 high schools in the Republic of Moldova benefit from educational software provided by SIVECO Romania, according to an agreement concluded with the Ministry of Education and Youth of Moldova, for 2010-2011 study year.

The project includes the implementation of multimedia educational content as part of the process of education modernization in the Republic of Moldova. AeL eContent lessons cover the subjects of Math, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Romanian and Russian. 20 high schools from 15 districts, as well as the municipalities of Chişinău and Bălţi have been included in the project.

"The project contributes to the development of pre-university education in the Republic of Moldova. Our company has been providing previous support to the Evaluation and Examination Agency in managing activities specific to the baccalaureate and gymnasium graduation exams, respectively. The entire implementation of the Automated Data Processing System for the 2010 exams session has ensured the smooth development of the Baccalaureate exams while proving its efficiency. During 2006-2007 we have secured together with the Ministry of Education in the Republic of Moldova the implementation of a system for computer aided training in 64 teaching units in the Republic of Moldova."
Florian Ciolacu, Vice-President International Accounts & Partners, SIVECO Romania.


NCTS (New Computerized Transit System), an instrument for the management and control of the transit system.

"The Turkish Customs Authorities implements software produced by SIVECO Romania. The expertise gained in the implementation of eCustoms solution to the National Customs Authority allowed SIVECO Romania to enter a new market. SIVECO Romania expertise im implementing eCustoms solutiei is certified ASYCUDA, a recognition obtained  by very few IT systems in the world", Dan Tuhar, eCustoms Director, SIVECO Romania.


Information management system for Serbian customs.

SIVECO Romania, in partnership with Asseco SEE Group in Serbia provides the Customs Administration of Serbia with a complex system for Business Intelligence analysis.

"The implemented solution offers complex analysis for accelerating and facilitating the customs procedurs in Serbia. It is an important project for a country that prepares its accession to the European Union”, Ştefăniţă Ghiţă, Development Director, SIVECO Applications, within SIVECO Romania.

Republic of Macedonia

IT-based management of customs transit.

SIVECO Romania provides an IT-based system for managing the customs transit operations for the Republic of Macedonia Customs Administration.

"The software solution allows the IT-based management, in real time, of all customs transits from entry to exit, aimed at harmonising the Macedonian customs system with that of the European Union”, Dan Tuhar, eCustoms Director, SIVECO Romania.


Introducing collaborative learning environment in schools.

SIVECO Romania and Microsoft Corporation carried out a pilot project in the no.1 Gymnasium School in Minsk, Belarus Republic.

Subjects were 66 students aged between 12 and 15 years, their teachers of biology, physics and chemistry and two school principals. This research aimed to analyze the impact that Microsoft MultiPoint and AeL collaborative content has on students in Belarus.

SIVECO Romania developed AeL collaborative content based on the premises that it can improve results and increase students' motivation for learning.

This pilot aims to analyze the impact that Microsoft MultiPoint and AeL collaborative content has on students in Belarus.

The pilot project recorded outstanding results:

  • Students perceived the MultiPoint application as very attractive. Most students claimed that the application is very easy to use.
  • The students feel more motivated to learn when using MultiPoint application, because they can solve exercises and problems much faster, they cancbecome more creative, interact and communicate better with their classmates and use the computer more efficient, thus improving their school results.

Impact on teachers

Analyzing data from teachers, school directors and coordinators involved in the project, the following results have been emphasised:

  • Teachers regard the application's educational value as very high
  • MultiPoint and AeL collaborative content are attractive and interactive, motivating students to become more active
  • Teachers state that by using digital content they gain more time to provide students with additional explanations on difficult phenomena; get quick feedback from students and can capture students' attention more easily from the beginning of the class