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Referinţe B2P

  • Ministerul Educatiei Naţionale, România
  • Ministerul pentru Societatea Informațională, România
  • Ministerul de Justiție, România
  • Ministerul Afacerilor Externe, România
  • Ministerul Educaţiei, Emiratele Arabe Unite
  • Ministerul Educaţiei, Azerbaijan
  • Ministerul Educaţiei şi Ştiinţei, Kazakstan
  • Ministerul Educaţiei și Ocupării Forței de Muncă, Malta
  • Ministerul Educaţiei şi Cercetării, Cipru
  • Ministerul Educaţiei, Liban
  • Ministerul Educaţiei, Maroc


  • The Ministry of National Education, Romania
  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Romania
  • The Ministry of Justice, Romania
  • The Ministry of Communications and Informational Society, Romania
  • The Ministry of Education, United Arab Emirates
  • The Ministry of Education and Science, Kazakhstan
  • The Ministry of Education and Employment, Malta
  • The Ministry of Education, Cyprus
  • The Ministry of Education, Lebanon
  • The Ministry of Education, Azerbaijan
  • The Ministry of Education, Morocco

B2B Clients

  • Orange Romania
  • Computerland
  • Teletrans SA
  • Danone Romania
  • Holcim Romania
  • Romanian Police General Inspectorate
  • The Romanian Business School - Galaţi
  • Gheorghe Asachi University, Iaşi
  • Constantin Brâncuşi University, Târgu-Jiu
  • Polytechnic University of Bucharest - CTTIP
  • The National Agency for Employment
  • The State University of Moldova
  • William Morris Academy, London
  • ABB Belgium
  • The National Agency for Higher Education Qualifications

AeL Academic, eLearning solutions dedicated to education

SIVECO Romania provides integrated eLearning solutions to educational institutions and governmental organisations, aimed at transforming into a unique and pleasant experience for both students and teachers. AeL eLearning solutions comprise AeL eContent virtual library, the AeL platform for teaching, learning, evaluation and management of the multimedia educational content (educational portals, virtual laboratories). 


AeL, soluţii de eLearning destinate educaţiei

SIVECO oferă instituţiilor de învăţământ şi organizaţiilor guvernamentale soluţii integrate de eLearning


AeL eContent

SIVECO Romania has acquired, especially during the last 3 years, a wide expertise in developing multimedia educational content for the initial or lifelong training of employees.

Through the AeL Enterprise system, participants have permanent access to AeL interactive lessons, multimedia facilities and a collaborative module.

AeL interactive lessons represent a solid, flexible and adjustable instrument, which combines various efficient learning techniques that contribute to fast information retaining and motivating the students.


AeL Enterprise Platform

AeL Enterprise is a complex platform for teaching, learning, evaluation and management of multimedia educational content, providing any organization with a complete, flexible and secure training solution.

For an optimal training, the system allows the use of the AeL digital content repository, a unique collection of multimedia learning objects that can be developed for any teaching subject, from any activity area , depending on your organization's needs.

AeL Enterprise benefits

Efficient and economic


eLearning for business and administration

For the lifelong training of employees from private or public organizations, SIVECO Romania provides the AeL Enterprise platform, a complex, full and scalable solution, extremely easy to use. The platform includes also the AeL digital content repository, a unique collection of multimedia learning obejcts. The system is meant to support the know-how and information transfer in a fast, practical manner, anywhere and by anyone who has access rights.


eLearning pentru mediul de afaceri şi administraţie

Platforma AeL Enterprise, o soluţie complexă, completă, scalabilă şi extrem de simplu de utilizat pentru segmentul de instruire continuă a angajaţilor din organizaţiile private sau publice



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