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Enter the era of the virtual coach

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

vCare targets a solution demonstrated in an operational environment (TRL 7)

The current covid-19 pandemic is bringing an important new perspective to the value and use of innovative solutions such as the virtual coach. As a result, many European projects have to focus on testing solutions which include a covid-19 like situation over the course of the next year.

vCare is about to start running its three sets of “technical labs” in three different locations (Valencia, Vienna and Karlsruhe). Those labs will technically validate the architecture and the services related to the different use cases. They will be followed by the “Living Labs" which will test and refine the services in a controlled environment paving the way for the final testing of the prototype in real life environment.

vCare fills a gap in long term rehabilitation Coaching at home can help people who are transiting from hospital to home to proceed with a personalized form of rehabilitation which is associated with age-related conditions. But coaching at home can be difficult to put in place, at a time when patients often need to rely on relatives and informal carers. A Virtual Coach can be a key technology to ensure continuity of care, reinforce self-management, enhance adherence to a care plan and risk prevention, and ultimately empower patients. The current covid-19 situation provides new light on the key importance of continuous clinical support while putting the patient in control.

vCare has developed and validated  use cases, clinical pathways and corresponding coaching services, activities and ontologies. In some instances, such as neurological disease, the project has been instrumental in designing entirely new home rehabilitation pathways.

vCare not only contributes to the shift from hospital-based to home-based rehabilitation but also aims at filling an existing gap well identified by the medical community: the absence of continuum between those two environments.

One out of six people in the European Union has a disability, usually caused by an acute episode or a chronic disease. Suitable rehabilitation is essential for enabling these people to live independently and enhance their quality of life as they age. However, continuity of care is often interrupted as the person moves from the hospital to home.

Where can you meet the vCare team?

Like many other projects, vCare had foreseen to participate in a number of significant events in the first half of 2020. Those events have been postponed or cancelled due to the covid-19 outbreak. The constraints associated with this pandemic will also probably slightly delay some activities but vCare has put all measures in place to try to accommodate the current situation and respect the deadlines of the several phases of the project. vCare will try to compensate for this gap with an increased presence at physical events during the last three months of 2020 and even more in 2021. At that moment the project will also have more insights to share with its ecosystem as we will already have access to the work done in the Living Labs.

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