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Interactive Encyclopedia Romania 1918: how to teach History to the digital generation

Thursday, April 19, 2018

The application dedicated to the Centenary was presented in the opening of eLSE, one of the most important eLearning conferences in Romania

A unique collection of hundreds of rare images, movies, 3D views of monuments commemorating the National Union or of World War I weapons, testimonies from the front and behind the front, the application was presented to the public at the opening of the 14th edition of the eLSE - eLearning and Educational Software International Conference, held today in Bucharest. On this occasion, participants from across Europe gathered in the aula of the Central Library of the Polytechnic University to present the latest trends in educational software.

The Encyclopedia is being "offered to Romanians from all over the world as a reminder of the most important national project” as its authors are saying. The digital Encyclopedia "Romania 1918. People, moments and images" is a private project, created by SIVECO Romania, in partnership with prestigious cultural institutions and personalities of Romanian society.

The application is free and can be downloaded from any platform - Google Play, App Store, Microsoft Store, and directly from
"We want this Encyclopedia to reach all the history teachers and all Romanian teachers by September 1st, 2018 and by December 1st to reach all Romanian students, as a study material," said Radu Jugureanu, project coordinator and SIVECO Romania eContent Director.
There are over 370 rare images from private collections or museums (some of which have been animated), 8 vintage movies, 12 3D objects, 24 interactive digital maps and graphical information, and even two games that simulate historical battles.
The project has been created by the volunteer work of a team of specialists from many fields, from historians, researchers, collectors, university professors, museographers, writers, bloggers, developers, graphic designers, testers, web designers, marketing people, weapons specialists - even by a cosmonaut! You can find all of them mentioned at Creators and Partners on

The Scientific Council of the Encyclopedia is made up of specialists in science, history and culture: General Mihail E. Ionescu, PhD; Corneliu Mihail Lungu, PhD; historian Neculai Moghior; Ioan Opris, PhD; Lt. Gen. (ret.) Dumitru Dorin Prunariu, PhD; Gheorghe Sbãrnã, PhD; Ioan Scurtu, PhD; Simona Tanasescu, PhD; Prof. Simona Tanase; Doru Dumitrescu, PhD and Gabriel Leahu, PhD.

The partners who contributed to the content and the encyclopedia are: The National Film Archive, The National Council of Cinematography, The National Peles Castle Museum, The National History Museum of Romania /, Alba Iulia National History Museum, Satu Mare History Museum, Ialomita County Museum, Mateiaş Mausoleum, Câmpulung Municipal Museum, The National Heroes Office, Digital Library of Bucharest, The Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Stefadina Publishing House, Polirom, Cetatea de Scaun Publishing House.
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